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    Benefits of Hydroponics

    Higher Plant Growth Rate

    Less Time, More Plants

    Pest Free Produce

    Less Water Intake

    Perfect Growing Environment

    Off Season Produce

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    Veggies are Healthier & they Mature Faster

    Clean & Healthy Leafy Greens

    Controlled Level of Nutrients

Welcome to Hydrootz Agastya Greens. We mainly focus on controlled environment greenhouses where hydroponically grown exotic vegetables are more nutritious as those grown other way or soil..

What you need for Hydroponics?

  • Fresh Water

    We're talking primo, filtered stuff with a balanced pH. Most plants like water with a pH level around 6–6.5. You can adjust the acidity of your water with over-the-counter solutions found at your local hardware, garden, or hydroponic store..

  • Oxygen

    Don’t drown your plants! In traditional farming, roots can get the oxygen needed for respiration from pockets of air in the soil. Depending on your hydroponic setup, you will either need to leave space between the base of your plant and the water reservoir, or you’ll need oxygenate your container (think of bubbles in a fish tank), which you can accomplish by buying an air stone or installing an air pump.

  • Root Support

    Even though you don’t need soil, your plant’s roots still need a little something to hold on to. Typical materials include vermiculite, perlite, peat moss, coconut fiber, and rockwool. Stay away from materials that might compact (like sand) or that don’t retain any moisture (like gravel).

  • Nutrients

    Your plant is going to need plenty of magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and other nutrients to stay healthy and productive –– just like plants growing in the ground need healthy soil and fertilizer. When you’re growing plants without soil, this “plant food” must be included in the water that’s feeding your plants. While you can technically make your own nutrient solution, it’s easy to buy mixtures online and in stores.

  • Light

    If you’re growing your plants indoors, you might have to invest in some special lighting. Each kind of plant will have a different requirement for the amount of light it needs and for the placement of lights (typically referred to as Daily Light Integral or DLI).


Hydroponics as a Habit of Healhy and Clean Eating!

Hydroponically grown exotic vegetables are one-stop solution since they neither need space nor soil. Also, instead of using soil, hydroponic vegetables depend on a water-based nutrient-rich solution Hydroponic system helps vegetables to grow up to 90% more effcient use of water as compared to other traditional soil grown production. The growth of the vegetables increases 3-10 times in the similar amount of space also many seeds can produce twice as fast in it is well managed in hydroponic system.

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Higher Yields

Nutrients level in water-based solution helps seeds grow faster, also few vegetables can be re-harvested more than 3 times when germinated so this produces higher yield

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Fewer Resources

Resources required are easily available and eco-friendly, as vertical farming requires selected resoureces; Water and Nutrients are essential for the growth of Vegetables.

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Entire Year

Weather contions or any season doesn't affect the growth, infact they are grown more healthy and with lots of fiber in vertical farming; also the veggies get sufficient amount of water-based nutrients.