Hydroponics is the method of growing exotic vegetables using water and suffient amount of nutrients which helps plants to grow faster and healthier.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hydroponics!

Hydroponically grown exotic veggies are more nutritious, crunchy, juicy and delicious as compared to other way grown exotic vegetables.

As the adequate amount of nutrients which are required stays in the water, also water keeps on circulating at the desired interval of time; which helps vegetables to grow clean and healthy.

We have 3 Kinds of Lettuce (Iceburg, Lollo Rosso Red, Currly), Kale, Swiss Chard, Italian Basil followed by Dressing.

All Vegetables required different type and quantity of nutrients as leafy greens required less amount of nutrients as compared to Fruity Vegetables; Macronutrients and Micronutrients are included in Hydroponic Veggies.

Yes, sure you can customise your desired salad and as per your salad box net weight we calculate the cost.

Well, you have to book your slot for the live harvest and you get the chance to cut veggies of your choice and enjoy harvesting!

We welcome you to the farm by booking your appointment.

This depends on how you are packing your veggies we give option to take veggies with the roots itself so it can last more; else other way you can keep for 3 days in fridge.

As we have indoor farming, the outside weather doesn't affect the growth of veggies so we serve you entire year.

We deliver across Mumbai, also you can pick your salad from the farm.