Hydrootz Agastya Greens is a local family-run Hydroponic Exotic Vegetable Farm that has been producing delicious fresh and clean leafy greens
and fruity veggies.

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Why Hydroponics?

In a conventional outdoor production system, crops are at the mercy of the weather and soil conditions. Moving crop production from soil-based systems to hydroponic systems is the first step along a pathway of controlled environment production which culminates in fully indoor growing systems such as those seen in the vertical indoor farming movement. The ease of harvesting is also a key driver for a change away from soil-based growing, either as a result of a need to increase picker efficiency (due to increases in labor costs and a decrease in its availability) or to maximize opportunities for pick your own.

  • Perfect Environment = Quality + Nutrition

    Hydroponic Leafy Veggies creates optimal growing environments. Our produce receives the exact light, water, and nutrients it needs to grow, resulting in superior quality, flavor and nutrition.

Types of Hydroponics

At its core, exotic vegetables hydroponically grown mainly depends on a water-based nutrient-rich solution. As compared to traditional grown soil-based Vegetables the importance of hydroponics is up to 90% more efficient use of water which increases 3-10 times of production in the similar amount of space.


Nutrient Film Technique


Deep Water Culture


Wick System


Dutch Bucket System


Drip System



Hydrootz Agastya Greens mainly focuses on NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) and Dutch Bucket System.

NFT (Nutrient Film Technique)

NFT is the most versatile method of hydroponics wherein systems are usually set up to grow many plants at a time. The plants are dipped in a shallow water stream that is fully nutrient-rich for plant growth. The plant roots are contained in growth tanks where this water flow is circulating. Because the stream is shallow and the roots are floating in the air, the roots can also collect oxygen in addition to absorbing nutrients from the soil.

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Dutch Bucket System

Dutch Bucket system is an easy to build also it grows many kinds of fruits and vegetables which require high nutrients and are heavy in weight. In the Dutch Bucket method wherein, there are two or more containers which are connected to each other with the same irrigation and drainage lines that contains of water-based nutrients solutions ideal for planting heavy-feeding plants like Tomatoes, Bell peppers, cucumbers and beans which requires high amount of nutrients.

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Our values

With a mission to make our community healthier, we at Agastya Greens are striving to Build the Hydroponic and industry in India. A major cultivator and service provider of organic and highly nutritious value foods, Agastya Green accelerates the various levels of business between its own community farms, Urban Growers and retailers, supplying genuine products to its customers..

The Vision of Agastya Greens is to be the indoor agriculture leader that empowers a scalable, resilient, and sustainable food supply, providing global populations with access to clean, fresh, and healthy food Hydroponic systems are to enhance, control and efficiency in crop production. In all cases, the environment in which plants are grown is the main limiting factor to their productivity.

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